Colleen H. Shipkowski

Colleen began her training under artists of the San Francisco Opera Ballet, then received her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in dance from UC Irvine. She is the author of “Passing Through Plateaus: Effective Teaching Methods,” published by Dance Teacher Now. Colleen’s eclectic credits include choreography and dancing for ballet companies, musical theatre productions, concert dance companies, industrials, two KPBS television specials and a Music Television pilot entitled Surf Party. Since 1983, Colleen has created at least three choreographic works each semester for three college dance companies. She has been on faculty at Southwestern college since 1993, Mesa college since 1987, and in 2001 she was honored with the Excellence In Teaching Award from Grossmont college, where she has been teaching for almost 27 years. Recently Colleen has developed the “Backwards Dance History Series” for Mesa College and is working on a dance video project entitled, “Lifeworks.”