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Spring 2018 Dance Classes!

Monday, Jan 29, 2018

Everybody Dance!

Starts Thursday, Nov 02, 2017

"The Best Kept Secret in the South Bay."

Student Media

Monica Duran

The Southwestern dance department has become a big part of my life. Dance has helped me develop socially and for many of us it’s a way to escape. The program offers a variety of dance styles with an amazing staff that is always happy to see you. From the moment you walk into one of their classes, the staff members make you feel welcome. The program has given me the tools I need to become a stronger dancer and the opportunity to start performing yet again. I was very fortunate in making the school’s dance company and meeting many incredible people from different backgrounds. Being in these classes and this team has made me realize that the relationship between all of us is so strong that it feels like a home away from home; my second family.

Jose Vega

What better place to be than Southwestern College. SWC has so many choices - so far I've taken ballet, modern, jazz, pointe, partnering, and ballroom! I really enjoy being a part of the program because it helps me develop and discover new dance styles.

Ivan Valdes-Estrella

It's an amazing experience to dance at Southwestern College. The program helps me grow as a dancer by experimenting with multiple styles Ballet, Points & Partnering, Jazz and Modern. The teachers are first-class and have a strong technique.

The Southwestern dance concerts are a really good opportunity to explore the professional world of dance. Being a part of the dance concerts helped me understand what's required to be a successful dancer. I enjoyed the good atmosphere among dancers, staff and even the audience. It made me feel really proud of my hard work acquired through rehearsals. What is really amazing is the sense of union developed among dancers and choreographers during the event. Professionalism, good atmosphere, and creativity are just a few of many things that SWC dance program can offer you.

I recommend other students to take dance classes at SWC. I see dance as an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle for both young and old, especially those who have an injury. There are many stretches and exercises to strengthen different muscles. Also, it is a great way to meet new friends.

Juan Figueroa

I like the SWC dance department because it’s a great way to express myself; through movement. Every faculty in the department has a vast amount of talent, energy, creativity, technique, history, determination, etc. and is passed on to his or her students. I enjoy learning something new every semester/year from taking dance classes from the faculty. I recommend other students to take dance classes at SWC because they will make new friends, grow as a person, and become more confident with themselves.

Kristen Stevens

SWC is the school that will help you in your dance training; and not only prepare you for a four year collage, but also going out on auditions in dance, music, and theater. I am getting better and better everyday in my ballet training and now I am learning how to work behind the scenes in dance production.