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Hilda Gomez

It's an amazing experience to be part of SWC dance program. The program here has given me the opportunity to do in school and outside performances, meet wonderful people, and make relations for the future. The SWC dance program often invites and showcases master classes from teachers trained in different styles of dance. This is an excellent place to become a better and we'll rounded dancer.

Jose Vega

What better place to be than Southwestern College. SWC has so many choices - so far I've taken ballet, modern, jazz, pointe, partnering, and ballroom! I really enjoy being a part of the program because it helps me develop and discover new dance styles.

Leah Anne Flores

I took my first SWC dance class in the spring semester of 2015. I took prior dance classes at other colleges, but I like SWC’s dance department the best. The instructors adjust to the students at a comfortable speed and emphasize on the basics. I took Ballroom, Latin dance and Dance Production class that term. I was able to review the basics as well as challenge myself with different moves. During that term, I learned that dance opened my mind to creativity, confidence and emotional impression through movements and the musicality. Prior to joining, I was injured. I tore my hamstring muscle on my right leg in the spring of 2012 during a track event. I have been recovering from it for more than 3 years. I saw dance as an opportunity to continue exercising. Although I was limited to certain movements, I was able to gain confidence and to fully recover from my injury.

I recommend other students to take dance classes at SWC. I see dance as an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle for both young and old, especially those who have an injury. There are many stretches and exercises to strengthen different muscles. Also, it is a great way to meet new friends.

Juan Figueroa

I like the SWC dance department because it’s a great way to express myself; through movement. Every faculty in the department has a vast amount of talent, energy, creativity, technique, history, determination, etc. and is passed on to his or her students. I enjoy learning something new every semester/year from taking dance classes from the faculty. I recommend other students to take dance classes at SWC because they will make new friends, grow as a person, and become more confident with themselves.

Francisco Valadez

The SWC dance department has been the best thing that has happened to me in college. The professors are great; they know their stuff. It honestly feels like one big happy family.